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Spectra is a powerful CBD product discovery app

Currently, there is no way for consumers to verify that what they're ingesting is really what it is claimed to be.

Spectra leverages Cobichain to provide consumers necessary validation of the authenticity and quality of CBD products.

Spectra acts as the gateway to Cobidol's Custom CBD products.

In addition to this, Spectra’s recommendation engine enables customers to personalize their CBD consumption. Furthermore, it allows high quality CBD brands to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Our platform

Cobichain is an advanced blockchain platform, delivering trust and integrity to supply chains.

Built with industry-leading knowledge, our blockchain platform is architected to cater to the needs of regulators and members of the supply chain alike--right the way through to product delivery and provenance tracking for the consumer.

Our system requires only a nominal number of nodes to run with high transaction throughput.

This further enhances blockchain's inherent security by allowing us to ensure nodes are precisely fit for purpose and correctly configured to effectively mitigate risk of attack.

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