Our cross-platform app

Spectra is a powerful CBD product discovery app.

Currently, there is no way for consumers to verify that what they're ingesting is really what it is claimed to be.

Spectra leverages Cobichain to provide consumers necessary validation of the authenticity and quality of CBD products.

In addition to this, Spectra’s analyses multiple aspects of the CBD market in order to deliver a "top ten" list of the most popular CBD brands' products. Furthermore, it provides a platform for high quality CBD brands to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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Our blockchain platform

Cobichain is an award-winning blockchain platform, delivering trust and integrity to supply chains.

Built with industry-leading knowledge, our blockchain platform is built to cater to the needs of regulators and members of the supply chain alike. We provide traceability for CBD products right the way through to delivery.

This allows consumers and other businesses to validate the quality of what they receive.

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Our solution to the Cannabis advertising issue

The gold standard for managed strategic online & mobile marketing for Cannabis & CBD companies.

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Our solution to the CBD payment processing problem

Cobipay is the payment solution built by payment experts who are as passionate about the CBD sector as they are payments.

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Get funding for your Digital CBD Business

Cobicapital is a highly innovative way to fund online CBD companies.

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