We are a different kind of CBD company. We create technology that allows for a better consumption experience. Cobidol has a distributed team that houses decades of category experience.

We are on a mission to provide all of the technology which the CBD & Hemp (and other cannabinoid) industries need to grow.

CBD is our key area of interest, along with other cannabinoids, cannabis, nootropics & adaptogens.

In summary, while the CBD industry is set to grow significantly, technology services are needed to achieve this. As a result, we have built the toolkit companies need.

Cobidol Group, Founding Team

Richard Skaife
CEO & Co-Founder

A founding partner of The Cannabis Fund. Richard’s 20+ year career has been on both sides of the table as both a VC and company operator.

A Co-Founder of Digipill (exit), YOVO mobile & Pollen VC (exit).

His work on growth has been case studied by Facebook (Digipill)  Twitter (Digipill) and Google (Pollen VC) 

Digipill is a pioneer in audio self help and has been featured on media such as CNBC, Anderson Cooper and the Daily Mail.

Richard’s advisory work includes funds, banks & exchanges to name a few.

He is a mentor for the charity Expert Impact working with CEOs of high growth impact firms. 

Richard Sharp
CPO & Co-Founder

Richard is an entrepreneur with over 30 years in digital media communications, software development, and more recently the cannabis industry.

Richard’s current activities include: Co-Founder/CEO, Granite Ridge Life Sciences, a natural health products company, Co-Founder, Mountain Valley Medicinals, a Canadian cannabis producer, Advisor to Blok Technologies Inc., a blockchain technology company, and CEO of PūrHemp Inc., a hemp-derived CBD products import/export company.

Richard is also Founder/Editor of The Hemp News, an online publication covering the emerging medical cannabis and industrial hemp sectors since 2009. An early investor in several cannabis companies including: National Access Cannabis (exit), The Green Organic Dutchman (exit), AviCanna and FSD Pharma.


Alex Goodger
CTO & Co-Founder

Alex has over 10 years’ commercial experience as a front-end & lead developer, and most recently left the role of Director of Cyber Security at Velocity Black (having joined as employee #5 back in 2014) in order to pursue Nodelink full time. He first read the original bitcoin white paper in 2009 and has followed blockchain & traded cryptocurrency ever since with a keen eye.

Some of Alex’s earliest (and fondest) memories are watching his father while he repaired electronics using a soldering iron in his computer shop’s basement, aged 3. Subsequently; at age 6 Alex put together his first functioning computer from base components, at age 13 started white-hat hacking, and at age 16 was awarded a full bursary to study his A-levels at a top UK private school, where his new friend Damien quickly inspired him to become a programmer.

In his previous capacity as Co-Founder at Nodelink, Alex focused on the problem of scalability of blockchain, favouring Proof-of-Stake consensus (tied with Masternodes). He delivered a fully functional MVP capable of automatically deploying and monitoring Masternodes in the cloud for certain cryptocurrency projects. The MVP included all development & design work, among other responsibilities as CEO.

This prior experience dovetails nicely into Alex’s focus as CTO at Cobidol, taking care in designing Cobidol’s suite of products & implementing scalable blockchain as an anchor for trust in CBD brands.