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Cannabis Advertising Network (CAN)

Reach hundreds of millions of digital customers with precision and accuracy

We have a sole focus on serving the digital growth needs of the global Cannabis industry.

Whilst many of the conventional paid digital growth channels are not open to supporting the growth of the cannabinoid market online; this does not mean you can’t access the many that are.

However, navigating this ecosystem is complex and requires significant experience.

As a team we have over ten years of experience of working with regulated and restricted product groups

We understand how to deliver campaigns that scale and deliver results.

Market your Cannabis business now.

Join CAN.

We are business objective focused with our partners.

Working on a fully managed basis, we plan, deliver and execute to your goals.

We operate with high transparency and regular reporting.

We work with all kinds of businesses, from new market entrants to groups who are looking to leverage more exposure than influencer channels and organic search.

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