Cobichain is... an advanced enterprise-ready blockchain platform for supply chains

Cobichain is an advanced blockchain platform, delivering trust and integrity to supply chains.

Designed with industry-leading knowledge, our blockchain platform is built to cater to the needs of regulators and members of the CBD supply chain alike.

Our system allows us to provide traceability information throughout the entire supply chain, validated automatically and without corruption by our blockchain.

Each person responsible for measuring and testing aspects of the product as it passes through the chain have their own public & private key on Cobichain, this allows custodianship to be transferred securely as materials pass through the supply chain, until the batch is finally signed off.

Cobichain was voted 'Blockchain of the Year'
at the inaugural
Medical Cannabiz World Summit

Cobichain is a completely tailored build of battle-hardened, enterprise-ready open source technology.

Purpose built to fulfil the needs of the entire CBD supply chain

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) recently published a comprehensive report detailing inaccurately labelled products. It showed over 50% which were blind-tested overstated their CBD content.

Cobichain helps the brands who adhere to the best QA processes to shine and build trust. Check out the executive summary here (PDF)

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